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One of my favorite things to do is take along a camera on a walk.¬† Flowers being one of the favorite subjects to photograph.. the other is my husband ūüôā

I so get what Georgia O’Keeffe meant about us stopping to take a look.. a deep look.. into these magnificent manifestations of the earth… FLOWERS… We are way too busy in our lives, too busy to stop and take this beauty in.

Take a look at how magical it is.¬† With the cameras we have today, we can enlarge them to really see all the details within.¬† It’s a lesson for me personally, because the act of doing this causes me to be grateful for one and then to be reminded of the mystery of life and to live it, savour it.. every little detail.



sending healing energy

Centered in my love for you.. I send you my love.. my healing energy…¬† to you and the world….

welcoming change

I have been quiet on my blogs for the most part.¬† I started a WordPress¬†blog after losing my blogspot to some virus.¬† April brought lots of change.¬† John got sick, his mom passed and it was quite challenging dealing with all the change.¬† One thing I learned was how much I love him and would do anything I had to do to take care of him… April, May was worse, June a bit better, July -crazy busy -and then August brought the real change.

A move!¬†¬† After living in one place for 33 years, we said goodbye.. there was sooooo much stuff to move!¬† I packed and packed and packed.. Lots of books, lots of art supplies.. and as the time came to end, a lot got thrown out.¬†¬† I had a few meltdowns, but got through it.¬† One learns a lot about oneself and others in this process.¬† I learned who I could count on and who I couldn’t and who surprised me by going beyond the call!

I have some really good friends and gained some friends in the process.   We are blessed.. truly blessed!

We love it here.¬† A most welcome change. We wake to the morning sky, watch the sun shine through the skylights.¬† It’s quiet here.. very quiet.¬† Trees surround us.

Maybe that was the turning point, when the tree fell at the old place.¬† I used to look out my art room window, watching the squirrels chasing each other up and down that big ol’ tree.¬† Little by little unwelcome change came to that place until I knew we needed to leave.

We have more space here but more importantly, it’s changed us.. Maybe released something that was buried for so long we didn’t even realize it.¬† We wake with gratitude.¬† Happy to be here together.¬† I may have forgotten what it was like to be filled with such deep gratitude and happiness… and it keeps growing stronger each day.

I get frustrated with my process, but that is my nature.. I want it all done quickly.¬† I’m learning to savor the experience.¬† Let the color choices be made in time, placing the objects we love in their special place.¬† It all shifts and moves like a dance… and we dance.¬† We dance in the kitchen to music, cook to music.¬†

Joyfullness has found us again and it is a very welcome change.

Step Forward

propel forward

I’ve been thinking lately of all the changes occurring.¬† This new year has brought many, and I’ve noticed so much of it that is happening around me.. big changes for others.¬† I usually turn to astrology for this, for some answers, the why’s of it.¬† In truth, it doesn’t really matter.¬† Everything changes. Sometimes it is subtle and we hardly notice while other times it comes at us fast and furious… S M A C K !¬† and we can barely take a breath.

It is life.¬† Of course I would rather take those changes upon myself, consciously choosing, rather than it being forced upon me… which is why I study astrology. I look for the patterns and the possibilities of what may come up.¬† It’s always a surprise, but surprise or not, there’s usually an indication of it.

Change is good.  Without it we would die.

What I would like to do is be aware of¬† it and enjoy it.. and who wouldn’t!¬† Be open.¬† Be honest. Have faith it is all for a purpose, one that may not be revealed immediately.. but will in time.

I want to take that step – moving forward consciously, deliberately and with awareness.. something that has seemed to be lacking.. and of course not being aware of it ūüôā¬†¬† For instance, listening to messages on the answering machine.. totally in awe that I hadn’t actually heard them.. really “hear” what they said.¬† I felt I was in some kind of fog for a while.. illness, death, work.. taking up every bit of my conscious awareness.¬†¬†

So today, I have some time to stop, think, listen to what is going on around me.  I go to meet my possible new landlady.  This is a change I have decided to initiate rather than it be forced upon me.  Yes, I am propelled forward by all of life and what better time to initiate change than Spring..

Bloom.¬† Blossom. Open up. Expand. Trust.¬† Enjoy…. Now, start your engines…


Love takes flight

Feel what’s going on within you.¬† What energy is moving through you.. where is this sitting in your body?¬†¬† I am constantly amazed at how I can feel down, negative, irritable, fearful, worrisome… and another time, light.¬† Balanced. Open. Free. My awareness, focus, centered on love.

Two messages¬†I received today caused me to stop and take a good look at this.¬† We are touched by someone’s wisdom, or a kindness and our hearts open wider.¬† I can now pass that beautiful energy on to another in however form that person needs… to my unawares that he or she may even be receiving it.

That’s how angels work in our lives.¬† All our relationships on this earth are to help us grow and transform.. sometimes through¬†their difficulties and challenges and at other times through their example of love and generosity.¬† Blessings are found amongst us all, we just need to keep our eyes open or more importantly our hearts open and minds quiet.

Giving ourself some precious time of quiet.. listening.  What messages come from deep within your own Truth?

Envision yourself embraced by the comfort of angel wings.. softly encasing you in warmth and tenderness.¬† Wrapped in this light, welcome what needs to surface from deep within¬†you and listen.¬† Listen to that Voice of Wisdom that we all hold but the external chatter of the world keeps at bay… let it out and sail on its endless, and limitless sea of possibilities…………. let it take flight, allowing your heart to soar far and wide, encompassing this magnificent universe of even more possibilities

Being in the NOW

ok, nice to look back and reminisce¬†every once in a while, but it’s time to move forward… one step at a time.

nice to look into the future, but let’s face it… too much is unpredictable.¬† So where else is there to go?

Just be where you are. Now.¬† After all, that’s all there really is anyway. Whether you’re looking back or looking forward, you are still doing that from the “now” position.¬† And right now, I cannot upload a picture and not sure why…….

Looking back

Hubby and I have a week off.¬† Our intention is to do some cleaning up, rearranging, releasing what we don’t need anymore… letting go of what we have outgrown.¬† Funny thing about this is that it brings one back in time.¬† I remember when…¬†¬†¬† And this picture did just that.¬† A few years back I was part of a yahoo group.. Gloria Page’s Holy Moly Mackaroly’s book inpired the group… and we did a flat self journal.¬† I met some wonderful people through that project.. even traveling to Peru with one!!!¬† Fun stuff.¬† Me and hubby would take flat people with us every where and would get the strangest looks, even in the city.

So this week I am sure I’ll come across stuff that I will hesitate to get rid of.¬† One closet holds all sorts of stuff and it’ll be like excavating the past.

It’s kind of fun to look back though to see where you have been and how far you’ve come, especially when it comes to one’s art.¬† I know “that closet” holds a lot of my paintings.

Let the journey begin!

Taking down the show…

Between the Earth and SkyHere is the finished version.¬† Taking the path of heart.. that is my “theme” for myself this year. Following the path of the Middle Way, the path of heart which lies between the Earth and Sky.¬† I received a lot of comments from this piece.

Tomorrow I take the show down and we’ve both decided to store it in the spare bedroom until we figure where to next…

This was such a great experience for me and John and we had so much fun with it. Pictures are on the other blog www.anartisticyear.blogspot.com/    So, go see and click on pictures for close- ups.

Getting ready…..

This is an older shrine that I did. Between the Earth and Sky lies the path of the Heart.  The middle way Рone of balance.  It is found in the present moment.

Heart Path

Heart Path

It will be “altered” a bit for the show.¬† Adding and changing some things.

Funny how a piece grows and evolves.. or is it us ūüôā

Words to live by

words to live by

words to live by

Staying mindful, being present.  These are goals, ways of being that I intend to keep in my life.

Share talents with love.

Commune with Nature.

Live Simply.

Find the Sacred in everything.

Keep balance.

Love Deeply.

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