Words to live by

words to live by

words to live by

Staying mindful, being present.  These are goals, ways of being that I intend to keep in my life.

Share talents with love.

Commune with Nature.

Live Simply.

Find the Sacred in everything.

Keep balance.

Love Deeply.


Ciao for now

A happy Place

A happy Place

Going to our Happy Place to relax, rejuvenate and take in the energy of mountains and water.

Sacred Waters

Sacred Waters

This is where we will go to every day to refresh our souls… for me a sacred place, one that brings me back to balance.  See ya when we get back with some new pictures.  Namaste’

Where to shop

where to shop

where to shop

Have you ever wanted to get out of the box you’ve enclosed yourself in?  Our outer appearances can be misleading to the world..  hiding behind blandness..   Are you moderate in your dress, blend into the background… or are you loud, screaming out to the world, “look at me??”

Most of the times, I blend. Casual dress, bordering on the sloppy at times.  I dress to work and for comfort.  Paint stains live on a  lot of my clothes and I get to the point where I need to go out and shop!  Buy something fresh, a bit edgy, different, artsy…. cause a head to turn.  There have been times (many times in my youth) I have “screamed” out loud with my clothing… it can be fun.    More often than not, I blend.

After I doodled this, I saw that there are two and possibly three critters off to shop.. and I wonder which clothing store they’ll choose.  Choose something different, create your own fashion statement… but don’t let it sit in your closet either 🙂

Full Moon Challenges

What is it with Internet Explorer anyway…. I know others out there have had a problem and it has been giving me grief.  I went in through netscape.. but lose my “favorites” this way.   I have the day off.. kind of… car is in the shop and I’m finally finishing up the chair for a client.

It’s a drizzly sort of day, so it helps to keep me in…  I think I’ll try “restore”.. and then firefox download.  IMG_2274Maybe it’s just the Universe forcing me to be open to new things… try something new. Change.  Explore.  Stretching beyond the predictable routine I find myself in.

This full moon was in my 5th house.. house of  creative expression.  With that in mind, I’ve decided to explore those possibilities.. move into another direction.  On that note.. I’m going into the art room 🙂


There are some advantages to my “summer job”.  It is the environment.  There are a few camps and long ago I decided to work at this location.  It’s in a park next to a lake.  When I first began teaching art at camp, the groups were small.  I had a small craft hut with some picnic tables right outside.  A small zoo right behind the craft hut.  Peacocks, rabbits, donkey, pigs…  One of the  guys that took care of the park would gift me with peacock feathers that would be shed. 

Zoo is long gone, as is the craft hut.  Now I’m under a large tent that sits besides the lake.  When the heat rises, the kids out of control.. I go to the swans.  Sometimes I spend some of my lunch just watching.  Last year I was focused on a catepillar that kept coming into the art tent.  This year it’s the swans.


We  chat.. I protect them from junk food and stuff thrown over the fence as best I can.  It is calming and I’ve collected a few of their feathers.  My mandala friend Sue created a beautiful mandala from some that I sent her… take a look… http://sacred-circle-mandalas.blogspot.com/


and then the butterfly visited, sitting in the middle of the geese and swans, allowing me to take it’s picture as well………