Looking back

Hubby and I have a week off.  Our intention is to do some cleaning up, rearranging, releasing what we don’t need anymore… letting go of what we have outgrown.  Funny thing about this is that it brings one back in time.  I remember when…    And this picture did just that.  A few years back I was part of a yahoo group.. Gloria Page’s Holy Moly Mackaroly’s book inpired the group… and we did a flat self journal.  I met some wonderful people through that project.. even traveling to Peru with one!!!  Fun stuff.  Me and hubby would take flat people with us every where and would get the strangest looks, even in the city.

So this week I am sure I’ll come across stuff that I will hesitate to get rid of.  One closet holds all sorts of stuff and it’ll be like excavating the past.

It’s kind of fun to look back though to see where you have been and how far you’ve come, especially when it comes to one’s art.  I know “that closet” holds a lot of my paintings.

Let the journey begin!