welcoming change

I have been quiet on my blogs for the most part.  I started a WordPress blog after losing my blogspot to some virus.  April brought lots of change.  John got sick, his mom passed and it was quite challenging dealing with all the change.  One thing I learned was how much I love him and would do anything I had to do to take care of him… April, May was worse, June a bit better, July -crazy busy -and then August brought the real change.

A move!   After living in one place for 33 years, we said goodbye.. there was sooooo much stuff to move!  I packed and packed and packed.. Lots of books, lots of art supplies.. and as the time came to end, a lot got thrown out.   I had a few meltdowns, but got through it.  One learns a lot about oneself and others in this process.  I learned who I could count on and who I couldn’t and who surprised me by going beyond the call!

I have some really good friends and gained some friends in the process.   We are blessed.. truly blessed!

We love it here.  A most welcome change. We wake to the morning sky, watch the sun shine through the skylights.  It’s quiet here.. very quiet.  Trees surround us.

Maybe that was the turning point, when the tree fell at the old place.  I used to look out my art room window, watching the squirrels chasing each other up and down that big ol’ tree.  Little by little unwelcome change came to that place until I knew we needed to leave.

We have more space here but more importantly, it’s changed us.. Maybe released something that was buried for so long we didn’t even realize it.  We wake with gratitude.  Happy to be here together.  I may have forgotten what it was like to be filled with such deep gratitude and happiness… and it keeps growing stronger each day.

I get frustrated with my process, but that is my nature.. I want it all done quickly.  I’m learning to savor the experience.  Let the color choices be made in time, placing the objects we love in their special place.  It all shifts and moves like a dance… and we dance.  We dance in the kitchen to music, cook to music. 

Joyfullness has found us again and it is a very welcome change.



  1. November 25, 2010 at 10:27 pm

    Oh Doreen…
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and joy of the”journey of change” that you and your husband have traveled. Your insights are guiding lights to me, as I too am aware of shifts that have occured, and those that are trying to happen…and they await my co-operation…i’ts kind of like you said…I know I need to release something that’s buried, and I sense it will only happen when I take action on letting go of stuff…making room…so the divine can pour more if its nature into my life. Thank you for being the inspiration..and kindred spirit that you are…

    with immense gratitude….

  2. Lisa Fabia Faga said,

    April 4, 2011 at 10:23 am

    Hello Doreen,
    How beautiful and inspiring your words are.
    You are traveling your journey with the dance
    of love and gratitude. Joy in the moment..
    this is a blessing you have been gifted with.
    You bring it to all whose life you touch.
    Love to you both,

  3. johnegrozinger said,

    June 21, 2011 at 11:24 am

    Dear Doe, cookies are not breakfast. Breakfast consists of peaches, strawberries, cereal. I can hear you like a mouse in the next room eatng the wrong things. It is unsettling to my spirtitual balance, and treeness. My crows outside are getting all flustered. Love You Husband, be at peace, be at silence, be in love.

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