Step Forward

propel forward

I’ve been thinking lately of all the changes occurring.  This new year has brought many, and I’ve noticed so much of it that is happening around me.. big changes for others.  I usually turn to astrology for this, for some answers, the why’s of it.  In truth, it doesn’t really matter.  Everything changes. Sometimes it is subtle and we hardly notice while other times it comes at us fast and furious… S M A C K !  and we can barely take a breath.

It is life.  Of course I would rather take those changes upon myself, consciously choosing, rather than it being forced upon me… which is why I study astrology. I look for the patterns and the possibilities of what may come up.  It’s always a surprise, but surprise or not, there’s usually an indication of it.

Change is good.  Without it we would die.

What I would like to do is be aware of  it and enjoy it.. and who wouldn’t!  Be open.  Be honest. Have faith it is all for a purpose, one that may not be revealed immediately.. but will in time.

I want to take that step – moving forward consciously, deliberately and with awareness.. something that has seemed to be lacking.. and of course not being aware of it 🙂   For instance, listening to messages on the answering machine.. totally in awe that I hadn’t actually heard them.. really “hear” what they said.  I felt I was in some kind of fog for a while.. illness, death, work.. taking up every bit of my conscious awareness.  

So today, I have some time to stop, think, listen to what is going on around me.  I go to meet my possible new landlady.  This is a change I have decided to initiate rather than it be forced upon me.  Yes, I am propelled forward by all of life and what better time to initiate change than Spring..

Bloom.  Blossom. Open up. Expand. Trust.  Enjoy…. Now, start your engines…